The founder and innovator of Peak Transformation, Stephen Holmes, holds a First-Class Honours degree in Psychology, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Transpersonal Psychology, a Diploma and Practitioners Certificate in Emotional Intelligence,  and a Diploma in Vedic Sciences. Stephen is also a member of The British Psychological Society and the Association for Transpersonal Psychology. Later this year (September 2024) Stephen is set to embark on a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology that will investigate the potential benefits of a transpersonal approach within a therapeutic setting. 

Stephen manages a private center for talking therapies (Psychotherapy and Counselling) and through his vast experience and insight within this field, he has created a program of human development which focuses on emotional, cognitive, and behavioural processes, which lead to a complete transformation into highly effective individuals. This approach also creates positive outcomes in the correction of  trauma, addiction, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and poor impulse regulation. 

"Most people are of the belief that anxiety & depression are mental health issues - they're not. They are primarily emotional regulation and response issues. As such, the majority of people viewing these symptoms as mental health problems are in fact chasing ghosts in pursuit of a resolution. Furthermore, the way we view the world, our expectations, purpose, identity, thought-processes  and behaviour, require a radical overall if we are to derive any satisfaction or purpose from life and more importantly, develop as a species. It's why i put this program together." 

The Peak Transformation Program is suitable for individuals & groups, corporate/work environments, educational facilities,  forensic settings, and more.